If you review our swing teaching, a perfect Single Plane Golf Swing is about achieving a perfect impact position.  To achieve this, you must have properly fit clubs – starting with how the club “relates” to the body at impact.  We have found that the club must match impact with the body.  We call this point the mid-spine intersect point. Fittings take into account club length, shaft flex, lie angles (for irons), and grip size.  Each equipment order through the GGA custom Proline equipment program is guaranteed to fit you perfectly for your height, arm length, hand size, swing speed, along with several other important factors.

To swing like Moe Norman, golf clubs must fit the dynamics of his single plane golf swing.  Video shows how, at address and impact, the single plane of Moe Norman’s club-shaft intersect what GGA calls the Mid-Spine Intersect™.    You can see the Mid-Spine Intersect™ with every club.  Pictured below is Driver and a 6 Iron, both intersecting at the Mid-Spine Intersect™.

If clubs are not properly fit or the clubs are manufactured too long and upright it will be impossible to match the golf club with the Mid-Spine Impact™ point.  You will also have problems if the club is too flat.  The goal of properly fit clubs is to match the golf club with the Mid-Spine Intersect™ and Mid-Spine Impact™ point.