Todd Graves

Todd started his pro golf career in 1991. He played on the Asian Tour, Canadian PGA Tour and U.S. Tours. He coached the National Championship Golf Team at the University of Oklahoma winning the title in 1989.

Todd Graves was an employee of Natural Golf for many years. He was also a personal friend and student of Moe Norman for 11 years when Moe taught him the Single Plane Golf Swing. Todd, after playing on the Canadian PGA Tour, was given the nickname “Little Moe” for his swing likeness to that of the Moe.

Golf Digest, Golf For Women, The Golf Channel, Golf Tips Magazine and other magazines and programs have featured Todd on numerous occasions.

Tim Graves

Tim Graves is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, a professional golfer and Class A PGA member / tournament player. He is known as a “master” of the short game. Tim’s wealth of golf experience includes numerous tournament wins, course records and extensive tournament experience.